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Toyota 4Runner rear passenger and driver (Set of 2)

Toyota 4Runner rear passenger and driver (Set of 2)

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The Toyota 4Runner rear window decals are made from Oracle 651 vinyl. This is not an air egress vinyl, so careful effort is needed to avoid air bubbles during the application process. These 34" x 16.75" inch Flag labels are designed to be larger than the 4Runner window. (These are not exact fit decals, They require trimming.) Our preferred method of installation is to apply the label, then cut the outer edges about 1/4" long so we can wrap the edge of the window and tuck any excess behind the window. This takes time and patients. The alternate process is the apply the label, and then trim the excess along the edge of the window. This set consists of 2 US flags, a left and a right. We also include a fresh cutting blade (Caution Sharp Blade), and a application squeegee.

Please contact if you need a custom color.


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