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Sir-Shade™ Telescoping Awning System JL 4-Door for Gobi Rack

Sir-Shade™ Telescoping Awning System JL 4-Door for Gobi Rack

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Black Canvas

The Sir-Shade™ telescoping trail awning system is designed to bolt onto many aftermarket roof rack systems. This self supporting awning extends out from the roof rack frame, and then the canvas canopy is secured using hook and loop fasteners. The whole deployment only takes 2 minutes. There are no support legs need. This clears up any obstacles in your camp area. Strings are also not necessary, although they are suggested if the wind speeds are greater than 20 MPH. There is no storage bag attached to the awning/roof rack. This is by design so that there are no loose flapping parts while driving down the road. The trail shade comes with a small storage bag that the canopy can be stored in, and the aluminum frame stays mounted to the roof rack at all times. 

JL 2018+

This trail awning is great for day/weekend trail rides when you don't need to set up a whole camp site but need some protection from the sun/rain while resting, eating lunch, or enjoying almost any other activity. We use ours in a lot of parking lots while at a baseball or soccer game next to the field. Its way easier to set up than one of those pop up tent/shelter things that take 3 people and a ladder.


This vehicle awning must be in the storage position while the vehicle is moving. The operator must check all hardware before each use to determine proper operation. The detachable awning cover must be removed from the frame and stored inside the vehicle in a safe place. Operator assumes all responsibility while operating vehicle.

The frame is made from aluminum and is finished with a black anodized coating. The nature of color anodizing is that after being in the sun for undetermined time the finish will fade, and turn a purple/black color.

• Sir-Shade™ is Patented 08-22-2017

• All prices are subject to change without notice.

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